Spain is a great place to live, and after the pandemic, it has adapted well to the new circumstances, making life easier for those who need to work from home. This means you can enjoy the advantages of living in this sunny country while keeping your dream job. Make the most of this situation with AEDAS Homes; we have the perfect property for you!

Working from home has become a part of the new reality for many people; due to the current situation, we’ve all had to change our everyday life in some way or another. This means adjusting our routine, and perhaps, rearranging our priorities when making any important decisions; indeed, if you are considering the purchase of a new property, you might be looking for a house where you’ll be able to work comfortably, an aspect that is perhaps now more crucial than it was before.

Working from home in Spain: Why not?

The Iberian Peninsula has always been a popular destination due to its great weather, breathtaking nature and colourful culture; no wonder Spain is a great location to buy a second home where you can spend the holidays or relocate permanently, which is now easier in terms of working long-distance, after the readjustments most employers have made due to COVID-19. Evidently, this reality transpires when looking for a new dwelling; we now need a place where we can do our job as well as enjoy our free time – and where we can separate both, so they don’t interfere with one another.

WFH (work from home) in Spain

Working from home is the new normal

Working from one’s living room or home office is not a new concept, although, until the recent outbreak of COVID-19, this way of doing business was more of an option, rather than a necessity. Lockdown and social distancing measures have taught us all how to adapt to the new reality and overcome the rising difficulties of spending one’s entire day between the same four walls; this will affect how people look at potential future homes from now on. Choosing the property that fulfils your needs has always been essential since it’s a considerable investment; however, after lockdown, anyone considering a new home will probably be extra careful when deciding, for instance, many more will want a place with a garden or a swimming pool to enjoy open spaces at home.

One of the many advantages of working from home is flexibility: whether you want to continue with your old job or you are thinking of finding a new one in Spain, you’ll be able to work in the industry of your choice no matter where you live. According to Eurostat, in 2019 up to 5.4% of employed people in the European Union often worked from home, although this figure has risen during 2020 because of the pandemic, making companies more willing to help their workforce do their job remotely. Therefore, since working from home has become the new standard, you don’t even need to live and be employed in the same Spanish city; you can enjoy the Mediterranean while working at the capital.

Enjoy working from your new-build home

Even though having the right space to work from home is important, so is taking your mind off it and enjoying your free time; at AEDAS Homes we have the ideal properties to combine these two aspects. Picture yourself in a comfortable space within your home: an open, well-distributed room with sunlight streaming through the window, a cup of tea steaming next to you while you get through your days’ work. After every task is finished, you can relax at home, or you can use some of the several facilities available in many of our properties across Spain; for instance, some of our complexes there are social clubs, gastro bars and other common areas where you can spend time with your family.

WFH in Estpona - Vanian Gardens by AEDAS Homes

If the weather is willing – which it most probably will be – you can stroll down to the communal swimming pool and splash away any lingering work-related stress. Many of our properties have smaller pools for kids, so you can float about knowing they are having fun safely. If you prefer a drier distraction, you can pick a new home with a garden or sports facilities where you can work out any excess, pent up energy you may still have after a busy day. Or else, you can choose one of our properties with spas or saunas and relax your body as well as your mind. AEDAS Homes has the perfect home in Spain for everyone! Fook an appointment for an online tour of the different developments on your mobile, computer or tablet, just filling out the form below.