Temperatures are rising and the days are drawing out. Aperitifs in the sunshine, breakfasts on the terrace, reading outdoors in the fresh air and dining under the stars are all back… In this article, we offer 5 tips for designing an ideal outdoor living space from the AEDAS Homes Interior Design department.

Choose wisely to capitalise on the space

Let’s get started on making the most of your outdoor space. It doesn’t matter if you have a spacious garden or a tiny terrace, the important thing is to choose right furniture.

Modular sofas were always a trend for living areas because this way we can take full advantage of the spaces and we can create corner combinations to make our garden cosier. Armchairs and poufs will finish off and frame the seating area, separating it from the dining zone. 

Terraces for the good weather

It is important you pay attention when choosing the material your furniture is made of, as some materials are more resistant than others. If you have a porch or similar facility, wood and natural fibres will create a warm, welcoming space. Alternatively, aluminium and synthetic fibres are a more suitable solution for outdoor spaces.  

Although not all of us are lucky enough to have a garden, balconies and terraces can be usable spaces. The star option for these spaces is folding or stackable furniture; as the footage is limited, walls can play a key role, hanging plant pots or decorative plant items that give a touch of colour and enviable lushness.  

Direction and usage

The direction a terrace faces is always an important factor, because this will determine the way you enjoy it in the different seasons of the year. Both in the spring and summer we have many hours of daylight and your terrace will become your favourite spot for eating, reading or getting a tan…

If the sun hits your terrace in the morning, this is your perfect moment for beginning the day with a good cup of coffee or breakfast with the family. If, on the other hand, you get sun in the afternoon, you can prepare a nook with sofas to rest and read a good book. If you have good views, moreover, you will be envy of all your friends and acquaintances when you describe how you take in the superb sunsets.

Beware of summer storms! Always keep something to protect your furniture or anticipate the option of putting it under cover. If you keep it out of the rain, it will last a lot longer.

Plants, a welcome edition

Plants are always welcome and essential for decorating your terrace. We love greenery and so does your terrace. If you have a neighbour, use them as separators so you thus gain greater privacy.

If, on the other hand, you are more one for plant pots, don’t hesitate in choosing materials like stone or pottery with aged finishes: they are in vogue and will give your space a chic touch.

Plants are always welcome and essential for decorating your terrace

Lighting, an essential element

Remember that lighting is always as important as furniture. Choose warm and indirect options through items like lighting chains, lanterns or table-top candles. They are perfect for enjoying a cosy dinner with family or friends.  

Inject it with colour using textiles

Don’t forget your textiles; even though it may be hot, they are essential and great allies in achieving a fresh, cosy space. Plant and flower prints will give it a fresh, contemporary air. Natural and neutral fabrics such as linens and stripes never fail because they never go out of fashion.  

But we are not only talking about cushions – you can also play with other accessories, such as outdoor rugs, tablecloths or plaids (lightweight blankets) for those cool summer evenings.

These are some tips for designing an ideal outdoor living space, but we wrote more about interior designs trends 2020 and how to make your living room look bigger.