Saúl Castellanos, Head of Specifications and Procurement at AEDAS Homes, took part in the 2nd Edition of the Laminated Plasterboard and Ceiling Fitters Seminar, organised by Saint-Gobain at the Madrid Municipal Conference Centre under the title “Planning to Build the Future”.

This forum brought together over 1,300 fitters from mainland Spain and Portugal and continues its consolidation as the sector’s benchmark event. The AEDAS Homes representative extolled sustainability as a primordial factor in the housing his company develops during his participation in the Round Table addressing the question “What are the challenges and opportunities for the construction sector?” – a round table he shared with Fran Glocubiche, Head of Retail Construction in the Marketplace & Development  Department of DESIGUAL, and Óscar Sánchez, General Manager of APLIQA, and which was moderated by Nicolás Bermejo, a member of the Marketing Placo and ISOVER team

“For AEDAS Homes, sustainability is an important factor in our developments. The end user is increasingly more aware and demands more information on this issue,” he explained, going on to cite some of the initiatives the company is fostering in this direction, such as the  Green Paper, which he defined as “ the company’s own sustainability manual”.

The AEDAS Homes Green Paper

“The AEDAS Homes Green Paper is created to set out the company’s own sustainability criteria in a way that makes them clearly tangible for the homeowner. With this manual, the Manager decides which parameters and to which degree they will be available in the development. Parameters like Energy, Water, Materials, Waste, Biohabitability, Integration in the Environment, Society and Best Practices,” he detailed.

Saúl Castellanos thus informed attendees that the challenge facing AEDAS Homes is “to continue implementing measures to raise sustainability in our developments.” “Energy saving,” he underlined, “is one of our objectives and hence we have undertaken to pre-empt the entry into force of the new Technical Building Code (and specifically the Basic Document on Energy Saving) and we are implementing the criteria of the existing draft document in several of our projects,” he reported, adding, “All of this, aimed at developing nearly zero-energy buildings.”

Other challenges

Saúl Castellanos also mentioned other challenges facing the sector, such as the increase in construction costs stemming from the scarcity of manpower, lack of training and the need for generational handover. “At AEDAS Homes we are addressing this problem by driving industrialisation in residential property development in 2- and 3- bedroom models. Moreover, these systems lead to improvements in product quality and optimisation of timescales,” he concluded.