Coming out of lockdown, many have realised their home may not be as good as they thought, which begs the question: is there an ideal place to live? At AEDAS Homes we have an answer for you: Spain. Great weather and food aside, the current economy might benefit potential buyers.

Many are drawn to Spain because of its nature, food, warmth and sunshine, but we’re here to tell you, the weather isn’t the only attractive: the economic climate is improving after the standstill caused by COVID-19, and the real estate sector is beginning to turn its cogs again. In this article, we want to show you why Spain is a great option for overseas property investment and why you might want to buy a second home or move permanently into one of our properties.

Why invest in a new-build property in Spain?

Investing in a property overseas may not be what you had in mind after the pandemic that has practically halted the world’s economy, but rest assured, buying a new-build home now will very likely be advantageous. In fact, you may even profit from a deal now: property prices are changing to keep up with the times, and after the dip in demand suffered after the state of emergency was declared, the real estate sector seems to be picking up speed to make up for lost time.

The real estate sector is on the rise

Even though the Spanish economy took a blow during lockdown, interest in overseas investment seems to be rising among foreign citizens who would like to buy property in Spain. According to BBVA research, home sales decreased in March, but so did prices –down to a -0.4% – for the first time in 21 quarters, which might be good news to potential buyers.

Indeed, an article by el Economista, a Spanish financial newspaper, stated that property prices would fall between 6.5 and 15% in 2020, although recovery will be much quicker than back in 2012, since this time, the sector was much better prepared. This, combined with low exchange rates in the case of British citizens, is fostering investment in Spanish properties.

The real estate sector is on the rise

Why is interest increasing now?

Lockdown has not been exactly a pleasant experience for anyone, but it has taught us all at least one thing: how to spend time in our own home. And where better to get a new home than Spain? Numbers aside, investing in property overseas can help you overcome issues you might have noticed in your current home.

In some cases, the house might not have enough space to accommodate several active people living there, especially if they all needed to work from home. Others perhaps needed to go outside more often, at least for a short while, and would have endured confinement better with access to a garden or terrace. Even the lighting in certain apartments may have been too dark, and after months of using more lightbulbs than sunlight, the owners decided to find somewhere a little brighter, which is just as good for the mind as it is for the environment. The right fix for any of these could be purchasing a property in Spain, and at AEDAS Homes we can find the perfect one for you.

Numbers aside, investing in property overseas can help you overcome issues you might have noticed in your current home.

What to look for in your new property

Maybe the pandemic has made you realise that, having a house abroad is what you’d really like, a place where you can enjoy the weather and the healthy Mediterranean breeze. AEDAS Homes has properties all over Spain: no matter what you discovered about your current home during lockdown, we have the right property to match what you want for the future. Most of our projects have facilities that would make your life brighter and more comfortable:

  • Landscaped gardens: we offer many properties with garden areas where you can go for a stroll and relax without leaving the premises.
  • Gym and swimming pool: living in a house or apartment with these will help you work off any excess energy and stay fit without needing to leave.
  • Spa and sauna: nothing better to combat stress than some pampering and self-care, especially if it’s two steps away from your door.
  • Solar power and energy efficiency: our properties are designed to make the most of natural lighting and many projects have solar panels to help power your home.

Besides all of these incredible common areas, each house and apartment are built for your comfort, whether you need to work from home and hold meetings from your living room or if you just want to put your feet up and relax with your family. Find the ideal property to invest in overseas with AEDAS Homes.