Discover the different education centres available in the different locations across the Costa del Sol. The Málaga province is home to many international schools focused on teaching your children according to the curriculum of their respective countries, while enabling students to convalidate their studies, should they wish to pursue higher education in Spain.

Find the right property for your family, as well as the best school for your children; there is a great range of international schools your children could attend at Costa del Sol, the most beautiful part of Andalusia. Discover English, German and Scandinavian schools in Málaga, Marbella, Estepona or Fuengirola.

Best schools on the Costa del Sol

When moving to another country, finding the right property is only the first step. At AEDAS Homes we are aware that your children’s well being is just as important and this is the reason why we have compiled some information about international schools in the Costa del Sol so that your little ones can enjoy the best education while living in paradise.

English-speaking schools in Costa del Sol

For those seeking an english type education, there are several English-speaking schools in the Costa del Sol that follow the British curriculum, even though it can be validated with the Spanish one at any time.

  • The British School of Malaga:  This centre, the only British all-through school in the city of Malaga, covers the children’s education through primary and secondary school. Despite their British curriculum, they complement their programme with Spanish studies. They also offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as ballet, football, gymnastics or robotix. If you are thinking about relocating your family to Malaga city, this school might be what you are after.
  • The British International School of Marbella: This centre also offers British primary and secondary education, their curriculum includes activities such as participating in the school choir, learning a musical instrument, taking part in plays or sports. Their pupils attend daily Spanish lessons although they also have the option to learn Chinese Mandarin, French or Russian.
  • Queen’s British Grammar School in Estepona: This school is intentionally small, and so are its classes, which enables the teachers to dedicate more time to each student. This school teaches children from primary through to their A-levels. There is also a wide range of clubs, music lessons or courses for the children to participate in after lessons. Perfect for those moving to Estepona!
  • The British College of Benalmadena: between Torremolinos and Fuengirola, it has pre-nursery, nursery, primary and secondary education. It is also conveniently located near our Middel Views development.
  • Aloha College: a private school established in 1982. It provides an international education in 2 sections, Primary School and Secondary School with over 57 nationalities, with pupils from 3 – 18 years
  • Swans International school: for primary and secondary education teaching children from more than 30 different countries

German Schools in Costa del Sol

As well as schools for English speakers, Malaga boasts of an exceptional German school: Deutsch Schule Malaga. Founded in 1898, this is an independent private school, and it is officially recognised by both the German and Spanish administrations.

The centre offers nursery, primary and secondary education, with many extra-curricular activities, such as music lessons, chess or sports. Moreover, secondary school students have the opportunity to go on study trips to other parts of Spain, Germany or France.

Scandinavian Schools in Costa del Sol

There is an ever growing population of Swedish, Finnish, Danish and Norwegian citizens in the Costa del Sol, and consequently, we can now find schools with the Scandinavian educational systems across the area. Below you will find a few examples.

  • Suomalainen Koulu: the Finnish school in Fuengirola, ideal if you want a change of scenery for your family. This centre offers pre-primary, basic and secondary education following a Finnish syllabus. This modern, forward thinking school encourages independent learning among its students with access to many online resources. 
  • Svenska Skolan: the Swedish school in Fuengirola. Here the students follow the Swedish curriculum and regulations for each school year, although they also learn English and several Spanish subjects to facilitate integration should they apply to Spanish universities later.
  • Den Norske Skolen: the Norwegian school in Benalmadena. This centre also follows the curriculum from its original country, and Norwegian children will learn the same syllabus, as they would back home, although the most notable difference would be that Spanish is a compulsory subject here. Like the Finnish school, the Norwegian centre uses technology as a resource for its pupils, for example issuing iPads to its students when they begin.

Most of them are quite close to our developments, such as Middel Views in Fuengirola, Soul Marbella Sunset in Marbella or Vanian Gardens in Estepona.