After events like Maisons et Objet in Paris, the Zaragoza Furniture Show and Intergift in Madrid, AEDAS Homes has brought together the latest trends in interior design and décor for 2020

Neutral colours continue

Sandy tones help to enhance the natural light inside the rooms, thus making them warmer and cosier. To decorate your new home, remember that the different sand hues blend to perfection with stone shades.

Trending colours: Blue is coming in strong

The trend making blue the colour highlight extends to textiles, singular furniture items or decorative accessories. Thanks to its darker shades, blue gives any room in your home a timeless, elegant air.

Rattan, cannage and natural fibres

This is by far the most outstanding trend. It began in 2019, but this year it has a place among all the furniture designers. No element has been omitted so we can find lamps, decoration accessories, furniture or wallpaper manufactured in these materials. There are natural fibre items for any space in your home. One of the hottest interior design trends 2020, seen in some international design fairs.

Wall coverings

Interior decoration begins with the shell of each room. Hence, mouldings and trims, textile effect wallpapers and panelling play a leading role giving the space a higher quality, more elegant finish.   

A combination of these three options enhances this effect and we can see this in lounges, bedrooms, dining rooms, etc. where sometimes mirror panelling is added to the mix.

Black is back

Character, strength and personality – these are what we achieve when we include the colour black into a space. We find one-off items such as coffee tables, pictures and accessories or also in large footages such as kitchens. If you find this too daring for you or you think you may tire of it quickly, try combining it with natural wood. You can also give just a touch of black through a worktop or tapware.

What are the interior design trends 2020 - Black is back

No to plastic

Society is ever more aware of the need to respect the environment and our homes reflect this. With simple gestures we can help the planet and keep our home up with latest trends; we can use natural fibre rugs, wood furniture, bamboo kitchen utensils…  

Decorative accessories

Less is more: Say goodbye to overdone decoration. We find glass vases are increasingly more popular, with wild-flower arrangements. A classic bouquet is no longer necessary – take a walk in the countryside and pick up a few leaves they can really turn a space around.

The textile revolution

We have seen them all this year, but the combination of plain fabrics and prints in a single piece has become a firm fixture in décor trends today. The most popular prints continue to be ginghams, the houndstooth and geometric patterns. Another key trend in textiles are lightweight fabrics such as linen in pastel shades.

Lockwork is in vogue

For many years, metal lockwork has been associated with the industrial style, but it is increasingly becoming viewed as a symbol of elegance. Combining different glass finishes, we give a space a touch of sophistication, distinguishing ourselves from the rest. Smoked, etched, grooved or aged mirror panes feature in this trend .

Key items

If you want to give your home a contemporary air, there are certain elements you cannot leave out. Oversize mirrors are a great ally for giving a sense of spaciousness, and these are best placed opposite windows. Another must is a good combination of cushions that reveal a little daring and animals prints. Some of AEDAS Homes’ developments in Majorca have it.