Small living rooms are charming, right? But, if you are tired of always seeing the same layout and want to try new options, we have some tips to bring fresh air into your projects. The question ‘How to make a living room look bigger?’ is easy to answer, and even easier to implement; more so than you think. It is a challenge, let’s face it together and create a sense of roominess.

Order and proportions, your chief allies

Keep the order, it makes you feel spaces are bigger. Leave pens, notebooks, and other office materials inside the drawers and forget about overflowing baskets.

Mirrors, oh please!

Mirrors create a greater sense of openness. A good option is to use one in front of another to create an amazing effect, or just have one in front of the windows. Metallic objects reflect light and filter it through the entire room, so you can use a mirror and a jar, or a mirror and a lamp to trick the eye into perceiving more space.

The less, the better

As you are thinking how to make a living room look bigger, maybe it is time to donate or to sell some of the furniture you have bought in the last few years. If you do not like those objects anymore, get rid of them. Embrace ‘minimalism’ and follow the Nordic style. In Norway, it is very common to use furniture with vertical lines, pale colours and few extras. Low heights furniture, for instance, will create a feeling of openness, because you are leaving more space above it.


Your living room will look bigger with the right lighting and it is also essential to create a comfortable environment. A good start is the use of some standing lamps strategically located so as to allow to spread through the entire room, for example, in a corner.  Consider choosing a minimalist model, or one which you could attach to the wall. This way you will use fewer square metres and create a bigger the sense of openness.

Right lighting for the living room

In order to increase the sense of lightness in your living room, you must get rid of your old, thick fabric curtains and opt for natural linen ones. It weaves a light-filtering sheer with a fine drape. Choose a pale colour and the feeling of space will increase. The best option nearly always is hanging floor-to-ceiling curtains.

Colours as a way of life

Pale colours. bright whites and the total opposite, deep and dark, create contrast in a room and the effect of a larger space. A white maximize the sense of light and air, while pale colours with vertical lines give the sense of open space, emphasizing the height of the room.

As you can see, the answer for the question “How to make a living room look bigger?” is, “all about tricking the eye”. Try to keep the space simple, choose the white above other colours and Emphasize the vertical. They do work!

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