One of AEDAS Homes’ core principles is that the housing it builds must be sustainable, so we have launched the Ecoliving® seal which guarantees that our developments are sustainable. Our aim is to advance towards new construction models that imply minimal environmental impact and contribute positively on their users’ wellbeing.

In today’s world, enterprises must inevitably assume their responsibility before society. In this sense, housing must be built to the highest standards, not only from the viewpoint of the quality of the materials employed, but also from a social and environmental outlook.

Ecoliving®, by AEDAS Homes sustainable and energy-efficient homes
Living room – Vasco de Gama

Sustainability guarantee in AEDAS Homes developments

At AEDAS Homes we demonstrate our commitment to sustainable practices to contribute to balanced urban development. Hence, in addition to complying with Technical Building Code stipulations regarding sustainable construction, we have gone one step beyond and created our own seal guaranteeing the sustainability of our developments.

To achieve such an ambitious target as minimising the impact of our construction activity, at AEDAS Homes we have launched the Ecoliving® seal. The benefits of this initiative are set out in a clear and accessible way in a Sustainability Dossier which lists the different features such as the materials and energy sources or health and social wellbeing enhancement features.

Ecoliving® features in the construction of sustainable homes

Specifically, our sustainable housing developments fulfil the following requirements:

  1. Use of materials with low impact on the environment. To assure housing sustainability, it is essential to choose materials with low environmental impact. Therefore, all our Ecoliving® homes are built with a high percentage of eco-labelled materials.
  2. Enhancement of health and wellbeing. If we bear in mind that people who live in urban environments today spend around 90% of their time indoors, we can understand how best building practices can affect the quality of their lives. On the other hand, the exceptional circumstances we have been experiencing in recent months highlight the need to design smart architectural solutions to achieve aseptic, healthy spaces. The most important points in this matter are:
    1. Ventilation systems: Air quality inside the home is maintained using ventilation systems which enable air to be constantly renewed. Air is forced to circulate between the inside and outside of the home, which is particularly important for preventing the transmission of air-borne pathogens.
    2. Light quality: Light impinges directly on people’s circadian rhythms, i.e. on the physical and mental cycles they go through during the day. Exposure to natural light is beneficial for that alternation to take place in a healthy way. Hence, architectural design that enhances the entry of natural light into the home will have a positive impact on the quality of its users’ lives. The lounges and kitchens in Mara Views come with large windowpanes to allow natural light to flow in.
Living Room – Middel Views

3. Installation of efficient renewable energy sources. Ecoliving® developments include efficient energy systems to reduce homes’ utility consumption in several ways:

  • Water: Water is a limited resource and as such, we should use it rationally and responsibly. Hence our sustainable housing comes with the latest innovations in water systems for both the homes themselves and in the developments’ community facilities. Some examples are:  rainwater collection for watering gardens, dealflush toilets or/and low discharge tapware.
  • Heating/cooling systems and domestic hot water are one of the biggest causes of energy consumption in the home. To offset this kind of spending, homes bearing the Ecoliving® seal.

By including these measures, in addition to lowering their environmental impact our Ecoliving® developments produce important social and financial benefits. Our aim is to create a housing stock where dwellings are integrated into their surroundings and with efficiency as their baseline feature. Check out the AEDAS Homes website and discover the developments we have made available for you.