Living near the beach is appealing to everybody, and if the beach is along the Mediterranean coastline, then, even better. Its combination of nature, culture, history and gastronomy will make you feel at home.

Discover the wonders of living near a beach along the Mediterranean coastline, more specifically, Valencia and Alicante. Buying a second home here is easier than you might think, especially if you have the help of professionals such as AEDAS Homes International.

Buy your second home in Spain, a true paradise

Anyone who’s been to Spain has seen how varied the different coastlines can be. The northern Atlantic coast can appear rugged and wild, whereas the Mediterranean waters seem warmer and softer. We associate the latter with sandy beaches, colourful parasols, a gentle breeze and the lulling sound of the waves. Who wouldn’t want to live near such an idyllic setting? This is why the Valencia and Alicante areas are the perfect place to buy a second home in Spain.

Choose the Valencia and Alicante areas

Experiencing a stress-free yet exciting lifestyle is easy in areas such as Valencia and Alicante, two cities bustling with activity while surrounded by beautiful countryside and close to miles of peaceful beaches. In fact, this area is perfect for nature lovers; the region has 22 beautiful natural parks full of fascinating wildlife. For those of you who enjoy birdwatching, La Albufera lagoon is home to many beautiful and interesting species, both migratory and those that live there year round.

If you’re more interested in sports, this area has a lot to offer. Those people drawn to the allure of the sea can enjoy activities such as surfing, diving or sailing, there are many clubs and centres where you can learn. Those who would rather keep their feet on dry land can enjoy cycling routes, hiking, golfing, sunbathing at the beach, strolling along beautiful coastal paths or discovering the wide range of heritage sites in the area. Valencia and Alicante have a long history, from the trading routes created by Phoenicians and Romans to the Crusade-like conflict between the Moors and the Christians during the Middle Ages. Fun for everyone!

Of course, no matter what your preferred outdoor activities are, we all need to eat, and food is another aspect this region is known for, after all, we’ve all heard of paella, right? If you spend your day at the beach, or if you are lucky enough to live right next to the sea, you’ll definitely want to try the local chiringuitos, where you can enjoy the finest tapas prepared with seasonal local produce. A food heaven, to be sure.

Moving to Valencia and Alicante is easy

Many people dream of having a second home near the beach in Alicante and Valencia, and if you count yourself among them, there aren’t many hurdles. The language barrier is more like a curtain; you can make yourself understood at first, until you become fluent in Spanish. There are many language schools with classes for adults if this is something that you’d be interested in pursuing. In addition, museums and other cultural institutions have information displays in English as well as in Spanish. Some communities in Valencia and Alicante have even gone as far as stocking their supermarkets with items from other countries that will make you feel at home, so no need to fret.

Buying a house in these areas could mean living less than 500 m from the beach, which is great for your health; everyone knows seawater has many benefits for your skin, thyroid and defences as well as preventing respiratory illnesses, just to mention a few. Speaking of health, the headache of paperwork wouldn’t necessarily be a bother either, since AEDAS Homes International can help you seamlessly navigate the bureaucracy. 

If you like the sound of this, AEDAS Homes International is the right place to go. With all our experience, we can find the property that makes you feel at home in a different country. We’ll help you discover your dream house in paradise where you can enjoy your holidays, your retirement, or just relocate full time. We’ll find you a home, you´ll fill it with stories.