At AEDAS Homes, we want to share the building progress in South Bay, a development located in a privileged spot, 40 minutes from Malaga International Airport and surrounded by numerous services (including greenfield sites like the acclaimed  “Parque de Los Niños”). Situated in Estepona, it comprises 2-, 3- and 4-bedroom apartments with spacious rooms and great interior layouts, making this new-build development a perfect place to begin your life.

South Bay I, a superb panoramic seascape

Among other advances, you can see how the swimming pool in your communal area has now been completed. Watching these images of South Bay I, you’ll find it much easier to imagine yourself enjoying a refreshing dip or sunbathing by the poolside.  

The recording also shows how the structures of this development have taken shape, its sleek, roomy terraces now being perfectly recognisable. These open-air spaces are conceived for your utmost wellbeing, offering a superb panoramic seascape from on high.  

South Bay II, an avant-garde Mediterranean concept

The excitement of seeing how a project grows on a daily basis encourages us to share with you how your new home in South Bay II is coming along. The structure of this new-build development in Estepona has now been revealed and it is gradually taking on its final form. The video shows building works on the site recorded in April 2020.

At South Bay II, we are offering thirty 2-,3 and 4-bedroom dwellings with an avant-garde Mediterranean aspect, including spacious terraces and impressive sea views, with a children’s and an adult’s swimming pool, a community room and a fully-equipped gymnasium, so you can keep fit without having to leave home.

South Bay III, a particular way of seeing life

The South Bay III development, located in the marvellous town of Estepona, is now showing significant progress in its building work. As you can see, the excavators are still working unstintingly on the plot, the corresponding slab-work is being put in and in different shots in the recording you can clearly make out the pillar-work.  

South Bay III comprises seventy-seven 2- to 4-bedroom homes with large terraces and impressive sea views. It has excellent road links – it will only be 20 minutes before you are taking a stroll through the streets of Marbella or dining out in one of Sotogrande’s exclusive restaurants. The fact that both Malaga and Gibraltar airports and the high-speed railway station in Malaga are all close by means that you can swiftly get to any domestic or international destination.

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