The Mediterranean light reflecting on your new home in Middel Views I and Middel Views II reveals how beautiful it is. With this seaside haze enswathing the surrounding area, at AEDAS Homes we want you to share in the building progress in Middel Views, in Fuengirola.

Middel Views I completed and ready for delivery!

As you see on the videos accompanying this text, we can now perfectly make out the final appearance Middel Views I is going to have. Its façades in shades of white and ochre show the spaciousness of your new terrace, from where you are going to enjoy some superb views of the Fuengirola coastline, thanks to the orography of the plot.

Building progress in Middel Views I

On the recording we can likewise see the entrance to the garage and the two swimming pool areas, places where you will undoubtedly experience the wellbeing of a refreshing dip with your loved ones. There is also water on the roofs of the Middel Views I buildings, where we see the plunge pools located on the penthouse terraces with their large pergola features.

This new-build development comprises eighty-four 2-, 3- and 4-bedroom dwellings. Located beside the  Carvajal (C-1) commuter rail station, your new home also has easy access to the  AP-7 and A-7 motorways on which it will take you just 10 minutes to get to Malaga airport or 15 to reach Malaga city or  Marbella.

Building progress in Middel Views II

Located in the same privileged setting as Middel Views I and also offering magnificent views over the Mediterranean Sea, construction work on Middel Views II has continued pressing ahead during the month of May. A bird’s-eye view from on high shows just how close this new-build development in Fuengirola is to the sea, a luxurious life companion you can take in every time you go out onto your spacious terrace.

Building progress in Middel Views II

Its façades, where white is also the predominant shade, are gradually taking shape and it is becoming increasingly easier to recognise the buildings.

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