That Soul Marbella is an exceptional project is undeniable. The attention paid to every recess, the quality of its construction materials, its comprehensive community facilities with five swimming pools and its privileged location, make this one of Marbella’s most outstanding complexes.

Located in the Santa Clara district, beside the golf course of the same name, Soul Marbella comprises several phases which all together will make up an exclusive residential development where homeowners will enjoy every comfort. The first of said phases,  Soul Marbella Sunset, offers all the advantages incorporated in the project, including its community areas comprising swimming pools, a fully equipped gymnasium, spa, coffee shop, coworking room, Youth Club and natural gardens – and construction on this project is already under way.

Comprising 2 detached villas each with their own swimming pool, 12 semi-detached houses also with their own pools and 28 apartments, the advantages of this new-build development in Marbella are not limited merely to its exceptional community facilities. Its location facing the Mediterranean enables a majority of the homes to enjoy views both of the sea and the golf course, while at the same time offering very comfortable links to major roadways like the A-7 or the AP-7.

Malaga airport, the María Zambrano AVE high-speed rail station or Puerto Banus and Sotogrande (two of the most prestigious marinas in Spain) are just a short car ride away.

As far as the dwelling interiors are concerned, in Soul Marbella Sunset we have opted for open-plan spaces and large windowpanes where light is one of the star features. Likewise, the light-filled porches or covered terraces included in the different dwelling models are exceptional spaces for having a pleasant time whilst enjoying Marbella’s superb climate.

To give you an insight into all the details of Soul Marbella Sunset from an architectural perspective, AEDAS Homes has interviewed Rodolfo A. González, one of the architects at the González & Jacobson studio, the firm responsible for the project.

To give you an insight into all the details of Soul Marbella Sunset from an architectural perspective, AEDAS Homes has interviewed Rodolfo A. González, one of the architects at the González & Jacobson studio, the firm responsible for the project.

AEDAS Homes (AH).- What do you think are the strengths of Soul Marbella Sunset?

Rodolfo A. González (RG).- To my mind, Soul Marbella Sunset’s location is the development’s strongest feature. Santa Clara is one of Marbella’s great unknown estates; it is very well looked after, with its golf course ever-present and some of the best beaches nearby.  

Moreover, I love the roominess of the interior spaces. The dwellings are spacious, with no narrow passageways or corridors. They have an open-plan design, conceived for everyday life, with logical layouts and no wasted footage.

AH.- What kind of dwellings are homeowners in Soul Marbella Sunset going to find?

RG.- They are dwellings with a modern, contemporary look, with open spaces in which, for example, the kitchen is built into the lounge/dining room. Dwellings that relate very naturally with the outdoors, merging the lounges with the porches or terraces. They are easy to use with no wasted space, suitably sized for either a primary residence or a second home. They form a kind of “private paradise” that homeowners won’t want to leave.

They come with the latest in construction systems, top-of-the-range materials and construction and technological advances not only in terms of home automation (control of lighting and blinds), but also through the aerothermal systems employed for heating and cooling.  They are very well insulated, and all the carpentry will be well sealed, lightweight but at the same time durable and watertight.

AH.- If you had to describe the architecture of Soul Marbella Sunset in three words, what would they be?

RG.- Contemporary, logical and human. Human because it forms a micro-settlement with its own landscape which means the apartment blocks integrate perfectly with the houses, without losing the human scale. Sometimes a four-storey block may seem cold, but Soul Marbella Sunset achieves a natural community living space that shatters that idea.

AH.- The detached villa owners, will they be able to use the community facilities in the development?

RG.- Of course. The villa architecture has been conceived to address the demand for homes surrounded by their own plot, but also surrounded by a community that streamlines its maintenance and daily use. We have achieved a unique, personal, independent villa, which at the same time forms part of a community to take advantage of both worlds.

Communal areas in Soul Marbella Sunset

AH.- Talking about the 28 apartments in Soul Marbella Sunset, what was the main architectural challenge there?

RG.- To create a dwelling that  feels like a habitual place of residence, addressing a market that is demanding apartments with increased footages and laundry spaces, boxrooms and garage car parking facilities. These services make every-day life much more comfortable. The terraces, furthermore, are very spacious and will enable homeowners to enjoy Marbella’s special micro-climate.

AH.- Are open-air spaces an important feature?

RG.- Yes. The villas and the semi-detached homes have porches and terraces, whilst the apartments also include terraces.

The Costa del Sol has its own very special microclimate and its own particular way of life which conditions architectural decisions. Hence, terraces must be spacious and covered to protect them from the sun. Marbella moves on the fringe of world architecture because it’s very parochial. It follows contemporary architectural trends (large windowpanes and technological innovation), but the style of the architecture itself is Mediterranean adapted to today.

AH.- Given the importance of the climate in Marbella (Costa del Sol), are terraces and porches perhaps one of the dwellings’ most outstanding spaces?

RG.- Without a shadow of a doubt. By having open terraces, nature comes further inside the dwellings and allows light to flood into the different rooms. Light everywhere thanks to the glass railing and a layout in which we have optimised areas to avoid passageways wherever possible. In the villas and houses, the open-design staircase which joins the different floors in the home also fosters natural luminosity.  

AH.- Customers interested in Soul Marbella can visit the development without having to come to the sales office thanks to the LIVE platform. How do you rate this experience?

RG.- It’s exciting to discover these new technologies. It’s like being swept into the future. Platforms like LIVE significantly improve the customer experience because they raise confidence: The company shows you plainly and clearly what the different spaces are like in what will be your new home.

AH.- Soul Marbella Sunset is phase one of the  Soul Marbella complex that AEDAS Homes has put under way in the Santa Clara district. What has it been like collaborating with the company?

RG.- I just love working with AEDAS Homes because it’s a company that knows what it wants and what it’s looking for. It defines the product perfectly and that makes my job as an architect much more straightforward. It’s easy, it’s simple; they set their targets and their quality level. They always go for the best.  

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