In our firm commitment to protecting the environment, we, at AEDAS Homes, want to let you in on a figure that makes us very proud – over the last year we have saved the equivalent of 97 trees (14,595 kg of wood) thanks to implementing the use of electronic signatures on internal documents and on the contracts subscribed with our customers and suppliers.

More specifically, the number of electronic signatures in the so-called “sobres” or envelopes at AEDAS Homes (which can include dozens of sheets and several copies) has gone from some 250 in November 2019 to an average of 1,250 a month since March. We have hence ceased to consume hundreds of thousands of sheets of paper.

400 % increase due to COVID-19

The company, which from the outset has fostered the digitisation of all its departments, has seen the number of these types of administrative and commercial procedures catapult up by as much as 400% since the third month of the year, coinciding with the start of the health crisis caused by COVID-19. Since then, everything has run smoothly and to schedule, which evidences AEDAS Homes’ good planning.

“At AEDAS Homes we were prepared to address a situation like the present boosting remote as opposed to in-person processing. It has been the world health crisis that has ratified our strategy and set our digital policy in every sense, likewise in managing and processing contracts,” explains  Óscar de la Torre, AEDAS Homes Director of technology and Cybersecurity.

Indeed, as our executive remarks, at AEDAS Homes we are driving remote activities; LIVE, the platform whereby you can explore your new home without having to physically go to the sales office, is proof of this policy. All that is required is an appointment and you can take a virtual tour of the rooms and communal areas you are particularly interested in in the development. If you want to find out more about LIVE, this post contains all the details. We would also be delighted to attend your enquiries by telephone on 900 264 096 or by videocall.

Committed to sustainability

Óscar de la Torre reminds us that AEDAS Homes offers its customers the option of stamping all their documents using electronic signature tools. “Thanks to electronic signatures, we save our customers time and, moreover, we reduce the environmental impact involved in paper consumption. We are helping the planet and we confirm once again, our firm commitment to sustainability in all the arenas of the real estate development sector, even in the offices,” he underlines.  

The reduction of the environmental impact achieved through the use of electronic signatures at AEDAS Homes between November 2019 and October 2020 can be measured not only in trees (97); the paper  saved by the property developer is equivalent to the water consumed by 68 washing machines over the year (358,639 l), the reduction in carbon emissions of 7 cars  (34,258 kg of CO2) and to 87 bins containing 2,372 kg of waste.