4,000 homes later, we are still working as eagerly as on day one. From our very beginnings as a property developer in 2016, constancy and endeavour have marked our everyday activity to ensure that our clients enjoy the utmost comfort and wellbeing.

Now, four years later, we are proud to celebrate an important milestone for the entire team: Our customer number 4,000. This is not just any number; achieving 4,000 sales thanks to the trust of all those who have put their dreams in AEDAS Homes’ hands, makes us extremely happy and spurs us to continue improving every day.

To celebrate this occasion as it deserves, at the company we wanted to give Laura and Jorge, the couple who, unknowingly, acquired our 4,000th home, an unexpected surprise. Their new home will be in Irala, a new-build development with attractive architecture in Alicante city, where emphasis has been placed on generous terraces and large windows to allow natural light to flow inside.

This is how the surprise was taken by our customers number 4,000

Enthusiasm, eagerness and lots of smiles. The atmosphere in the Irala sales office on 13 July was a hotbed of nerves as to how our customers number 4,000 would react when they discovered the surprise we had lined up for them: A complete Living pack worth €20,000 to decorate and furnish their future home in Alicante to their taste with the help of our team of professionals.

Spot on time, at 11.45 they rang the doorbell of the office to which they had been invited under the pretext that at AEDAS Homes we had a gift for them. When they came in, the cameras surprised them to record their happy faces when they watched the video informing them that they were the lucky winners of a Living pack to make their property in Irala, the home of their dreams.  

Amid glances of complicity and expressions of disbelief, Laura and Jorge could not hide their happiness and appreciation before the AEDAS Homes team. Laura, a nurse by profession, came to the sales office after  a night-duty shift, but she confessed that her nerves were blocking out the tiredness: “I’ve been wondering what the surprise might be for several days, but I never imagined it would be something so important,” she said without losing her smile for even a second.

Jorge, a hearing aid technician, bore the wait somewhat better: “Laura has been looking for furniture for our new home for months, but now we will have nothing to worry about because  Living will take care of everything.” They are both young (29 and 26 years of age, respectively) and they are looking forward to organising “a home-warming party with family and friends” to which Harry, their amusing pet hamster, will of course be invited.

Although Living allows them to choose the style of furnishings and décor that best matches their tastes,  Laura and Jorge agree that for their 3-bedroom home they will keep the  neutral shades and Natura ambience used to decorate the Irala sales office showrooms. “We love the look of how the light colours combine with the different elements,” they explained to Silvia G. Tortosa, AEDAS Homes Interior Design Director, who was present during the surprise.

Luis Miguel Molla, manager in charge of the development also attended the event and he could not stifle his happiness when he heard how the buyers praised the terraces included in Irala and its communal areas.  Luis Picazo, an architect belonging to the GP17 study which signed the project, was able to discuss with Laura and Jorge how this development, just 10 minutes from the city centre, had been designed, enhancing its different spaces. “After visiting Irala, it was clear to us that we couldn’t let the opportunity of buying a home there slip through our fingers,” they remarked, not forgetting that the energy performance measures in the development were also a point in its favour.

After several photos to recall the moment and a small aperitif to celebrate the occasion, Laura and Jorge once again thanked all the AEDAS Homes team for giving them a €20,000 Living pack. This way, AEDAS Homes celebrates customer number 4,000 and want to thank to all the customers that have made our 4-year trajectory possible. It is our privilege to be able to carry on making your dreams come true.