Buying a property in another country has many advantages, the most obvious one being a place to spend your holidays; however, there is another important pro to consider, and one that is just as beneficial: investment. Read on to discover more!

Investing in property has always been a safe bet, especially in popular locations such as the Mediterranean coast in Spain. In the following text you’ll discover why buying a new-build property in this country is a great opportunity with many advantages!

Property is always a good investment

Who hasn’t daydreamed about having an apartment by the Mediterranean coast? Everyone can imagine the many pros it would entail: a nearby beach, the sun, the food… However, owning a house along that coastline isn’t necessarily all about having somewhere to spend your holidays; it’s also a great opportunity to invest in a property in Spain. Buying a new-build home in this country has many advantages, especially if the development has been designed for quality and comfort as well as being located in a prime area.

Why invest in property in Spain

The Iberian Peninsula has always been a popular location for holidays due to its weather as well as many natural and cultural attractions, but that’s not everything; the wide range of available new-build properties for sale makes Spain a perfect place for an investment. According to information from the Spanish Ministry of Development, the first trimester of 2020 has brought 1,463 new-build property transactions by non-nationals alone; that goes to show how many foreigners deem Spain a great location to buy a second home. Most of these purchases were made in regions near the Mediterranean Sea, to be precise in the Valencian Community (593 transactions), Andalusia (333 transactions) and Catalonia (163 transactions).

For those who want to make some money from their investment, properties in the areas we just mentioned usually bring good returns, since they are very popular among tourists for their weather, beaches, history and natural attractions. Whether you’d like to rent it out during holiday season or to someone looking to live in Spain for a while, homes in Mediterranean coastal areas are always on demand. And if you ever want to sell it, you might be surprised by the benefits!

Why a new-build home?

Times have changed, and construction has changed along with it, in particular when it comes to energy efficiency and using the available resources while respecting the environment. One of the advantages of new-build homes in Spain nowadays is they can make the most of something as simple as the weather: in a country with so many hours of good-quality sunlight, solar panels become a real asset instead of just a small science project on your roof that might save you a few bob on the electric bill.

Even the government made solar power more accessible last year, cutting down taxes and eliminating much of the paperwork that used to be involved in the process. Far from being a temporary trend, it seems as though environmentally friendly developments are the path to the future: therefore, a new-build home in Spain wouldn’t only be a good investment, if you choose a property with energy efficiency, you’d be looking forward and ensuring your property maintains – or even increases – its value.

For anyone interested in buying a new-build home in Spain, AEDAS Homes has properties and developments perfect to suit your needs. We build homes in great locations that are perfect to live in, whether it’s for you and your family or to rent to third parties during the holidays. We design projects to be enjoyed at their fullest, with amenities such as swimming pools, storage areas, gyms, landscaped gardens or car parks. You will find no better properties to invest in!