Discover why you should choose a new-build home with a view of the Mediterranean coast in the south of Spain and discover properties developed near the sea by AEDAS Homes. The Costa del Sol is the perfect location!

The southern Mediterranean coast is known for its sandy beaches and great weather all year round; the Costa del Sol has some of the most beautiful views in the whole country, and that very scenery could be what you see when gazing out your window, if you choose a home overlooking the sea. We have compiled five reasons why you should:

1. The south of Spain: Homes with stunning views

Throughout history, Spanish coastal areas were a centre of bustling life and activity, people here lived off the fruits of the sea, which is why many towns are built overlooking some of the most stunning views in the Mediterranean Sea. The Costa del Sol is such a place, with whitewashed villages that combine traditional homes with new-build homes and developments waiting for you with open arms. Living with eyes turned towards the turquoise waters is part of the lifestyle in this area, and this is something we believe everyone should experience, even if it’s only for a few months a year.

2. There are different ways of enjoying the sea view

The Spanish southern coast has a view for everyone, and depending on how private a person you are, there are many ways to experience your new property located on the Mediterranean coastline. If you are one to enjoy peace and quiet, AEDAS Homes has developments in Costa del Sol shielded from curious onlookers while providing the best view of the sea. Moreover, most of our complexes have communal areas for the exclusive use of property owners such as gardens, gyms and swimming pools where you can relax at your own pace.

However, when you feel like being in the thick of the action, all you need to do is step outside, since the beach and the city centre will just be five minutes away. Properties like Middel Views in Fuengirola or South Bay Las Mesas in Estepona, for instance, combine private life with the excitement of the town while offering a great view of the Mediterranean Sea.

3. A beautiful coastline equals a stunning view

Evidently, the more beautiful the coastline, the better the view. The Costa del Sol was carved by the Mediterranean, eroded and transformed into one of the most spectacular areas in Spain: the perfect location to buy a home with a sea view.

Sandy beaches and turquoise waters are not all you can find in Costa del Sol, you’ll discover the geography is surprisingly varied: you can explore dunes, caves, cliffs and river mouths as well as picturesque villages and harbours. Not to mention the mountain ranges running parallel to the coastline, which not only add to the view, but are also why the climate is so unique in this area. Who wouldn’t want to live here?

4. The view is always an improvement

Finding the perfect home for sale in Costa del Sol is not difficult, not even if you want a view of the Mediterranean Sea. AEDAS Homes has many properties near the coastline; it’s only a matter of finding the right one for you.

South Bay Las Mesas (Estepona) – AEDAS Homes

A view of the sea not only improves the enjoyment of your new home: sitting outside gazing at the scenery with a cup of tea, watching the incredible Mediterranean sunsets from your window or strolling down to the beach after dinner. A view can also increase the value of your home, so if you are interested in a smart investment, considering not only the development itself, but where it’s located, can work to your advantage in the future.

5. Being close to the sea has its perks

As we mentioned before, the Costa del Sol has unique weather, due to a combination of the Mediterranean Sea on the east and the mountain ranges at the west. This means the climate is mild throughout the year, making this area an ideal location in any season. The closeness of the sea also offers many health benefits you can take advantage of:

  • The air quality is better near the sea, its freshness with help you absorb more oxygen. Moreover, the iodine will also clean out your lungs, clear your sinuses and ease your breathing.
  • The Mediterranean sunlight will give you healthier hair, nails and skin.
  • Living near the sea is known to improve sleep, raise serotonin levels and reduce stress. In turn, this will strengthen your immune system.
  • Going to the beach will give you a healthy dose of vitamin D, which will strengthen your bones, immune system and digestive system.